What is this change in weather??

Hi sharks class, hope you had a great holiday? We visited your school last week only to find out that you weren’t there!! When we were there we were confused as the sky had a large sun on some days but on others water fell from the sky! We were a little confused as on our planet it doesn’t change. This should be very confusing for you as how do you know what to wear each day? Can you explain about your weather for us to understand? Speak to you soon. The Weevils

hello from the Weevils

Hi year 2 its been a long time since we contacted you! We have been travelling around the galaxy and discovering new things. Last week we visited your planet and noticed some very strange creatures. They all looked different and some were eating each other! What are these animals? Could you tell us about one of them so we can find out their names? What they look like? Where we could find them living and what they are like? We would love to learn as much as we can about your planet. Thank you speak again soon.

The lost kitten by ebony.

Once a pon a time a kitten was  just born  he was asleep but when he woke up  he saw that his mother was gon so he sprinted of to find his mothechased  on his way he saw a dog unfortunately the dog chased the pore kitten. But just in one minute she was safe so

My socks are smelly.

socks are so smelly  I  don’t know what to do.

I think I need the loo I do I do I do.

Barbies socks small best of all.

I’m so embarrassed of my self.



spongbob by summrr sheridan

Once a pone a time there was a spoge calld spongbob.Spongbob lifs in a piappl  under the  sae

riosha kallum paige

dear mr piggy wigg the cat has grey fer and chriagler shapt ears.The cat has a long shtrippy tail.The cat has a pink nose. The cat is very kind and sweat.The cat has lime colerd eyes.The cat has little bits of pink in her ear. She walks very elagoontlly and grasefully. She has pink under her feat.The pussy cat has a butuful fur. She purs softlly and dusent bite people.She has sharp clawes but she does not news them. She will cuddle up in your warm laps and will fall asleap.  The pussy cat has a go on your lap and

writing a letter to mr piggy wig


dear mr  piggy wig.the owl has big feathery wings and is heavy He has big fat tummy.he eats lots of vegatbles and occassionally little mice.he has orange eyes and is kind. He has large stumpy  feet and long claws.He has short pointy,crawly ears.We saw he had  a pussycat wife who is a dumb and beutiful.However he is very shy but not with cute people.Many time`s the owl love`s singing on his guitar.Most time`s the owl is very helpful to the cat.







Michael, Tyler, Ruby, Sophie

Dear Mr Piggy Wig, here is the discription of your cat.

The cat is a ball of  fluff, she is  a blue colour with black spots. Her eyes are as large as saucers which are sparkling blue like the sky. The claws on its feet, strong and sharp as lions. Her favourite food is freshly caught fish from the local river, which she eats daily.